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Anschutz Match 54 £300 .22 LR Rifle Private Seller Used - Average Condition Wokingham, Berkshire Bolt Action Description .22 Anschutz Match 54 target rifle up for sale - good condition, heavy barrel, serial numbers of bolt and barrel match. Include diopter sights, bipod and hand-stop.

Post-war P38 serial number versus date production chart This information is taken only from original, serial number matching pistols. Serial Number Caliber Slide Legend Date Date Location Commercial (E/N)? 001xxx 9x19mm P38 5/57 Slide No 016xxxE 9x19mm P38 62 Frame Yes 165xxx 9x19mm P38 2/ 62 Slide No. Check production date of your Glock handgun using automatic Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup. It will decode three letters from the barrel of your handgun. Don't enter serial number, enter serial number from barrel. Please see following picture to locate the Glock serial (barrel) number: Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup. Serial number- 1283976. / Made in West Germany" with eagle over "N", "66" and an Ulm antler proof. And that's why the results of the lookup won't always be accurate yet. Serial number is 17804. Includes Anschutz marked magazine. Ruger 180 series Mini 14 extractor plunger #M-16, not for serial numbers starting with 181 and higher.




Search this website. Menu Close. Reviews. Klarus Upgraded XT11GT 2000- 2022; Solaray Pro ZX-1 Review 2022; ... Information about the serial numbers is very difficult to find, and we think a good source about many things regarding Unertl scopes is in the yahoo group specialized on Unertl. ... Anschutz 54 22LR Unertl scope; Unertl Telescopes. 2022. 5. 27. · Search: Anschutz Serial Number Lookup. MGW proudly carries a large number of Anschutz rifles 6" Barrel Blued and Walnut Monte Carlo Ulm, Est Germany" 22 LR Serial number dates to 1891 26 Inch barrel 3 flip up £ 495 Serial Number.

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